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Grey Medium Duty Floor Cover Protector For Floor Wires

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Grey Medium Duty Floor Cover Protector For Floor Wires

Manufactured from durable PVC to ensure long-lasting defence against harm, this high-quality cable protector is the most practical and useful way of both hiding cables from view and ensuring they protected! Easy to use, feeding cables through the length of the cable cover couldn’t be simpler. And once they’re in, they are protected from the type of damage that could result from tripping.

Ideal for shielding floor running wires keeping them safe from damage Perfect for all cable management solutions Tidy and Practical: Hide a variety of cables from view as well as preventing tripping hazards due to loose wire

Width 67mm / Max Height 18mm / Interior Diameter 16 x 8mm Non-slip safety base: Designed with a textured grip base to prevent sliding


10m x 67mm x 18mm, 1m x 67mm x 18mm, 2m x 67mm x 18mm, 3m x 67mm x 18mm, 4m x 67mm x 18mm, 5m x 67mm x 18mm

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